The Checkup: How to Get Perfect Posture

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• My mother is constantly screaming at me to “Stand up straight!” Clearly, my posture could use some work. If yours could too, check out these four simple exercise moves that target bad posture. They could be just the key to turning your slouch around. [Well + Good]

• This interactive cheering billboard is awesome. People cheer and clap when you walk by, and they cheer and clap even louder when you run by. How’s that for a burst of motivation at the end of a long run? [Fast Company]

• Yes, apparently it is possible to brush your teeth wrong — and doing so can make your teeth more decay-prone and cavity-friendly. Ick. Here, eight mistakes to steer clear of next time your brush your teeth. [Huffington Post]

Park prescriptions — where a doctor prescribes a patient to work out in an outdoor park for X number of minutes each week — are growing in popularity. Pretty cool, eh? [The Guardian]

• If you’re in the market for a new pair of running kicks, keep these in mind when you hit the store: The things that actually matter when you’re shopping for running shoes. [Greatist]

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