The Checkup: The Best Exercises to Target Your 4 Most Important Ab Muscles

And more healthy headlines that caught our eye this morning.



• How about a Friday morning anatomy lesson? Read up on your four most important ab muscles, then learn how to shred ’em to pieces. [Health]

• Sorry, Girl Scouts: We can now pass on those boxes of Thin Mints and make our own healthier versions at home. (Hey, at least these have ingredients we can pronounce!) [Well ATL]

• The dermatologist will see you now: Here are five really good reasons to make a derm appointment stat, if you haven’t had your skin checked in ages (or, um, ever). [Refinery 29]

• Speaking of skin, check out these smart skin fixes for all kinds of problems athletes face (pun intended). [Q by Equinox]

• I’m betting you throw away this powerhouse veggie without realizing it’s useful and delicious. Waste no more, friends. [Men’s Health]

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