Is Your Back Killing You?

Philly Personal Training is hosting a free back-pain workshop this week.



If you’re sitting at your desk right now trying your darndest to find a way to sit so that your back will just stop hurting for two whole minutes — is that too much to ask?! — then this is for you: This Thursday, our pals at Philly Personal Training are hosting a free back-pain workshop with personal trainer and physical therapist Shaun Logan.

You’ll learn all the ways you’re jacking your back in your every day life — how you sit at work, how you stand on the train, how you slouch on the couch — and simple exercises and stretches you can do to find some relief.

The event kicks off at 6:30 p.m. at Philly Personal Training’s Center City studio at 1429 Walnut Street on the 4th floor. More info and RSVP is here.

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