The Checkup: No More Rubbery Celery — And 8 Other Ways to Keep Food Fresh

Our favorite health reads from around the web this a.m.


  • Because I hate wilted, rubbery celery more than anything, I’m especially excited about these nine food-freshness hacks. [BuzzFeed]
  • Holy smokes (pun intended): Smoking actually changes your brain and may lead to speedier cognitive decline, according to a new study. [Yahoo Health]
  • I already loved avocados, but after seeing all the ways creative ways to use them to make a pretty much any meal healthier, I love them even more. [Huffington Post]
  • Sriracha hot sauce and Heinz ketchup are getting into bed — or, at least, a bottle — together. [Self]
  • This is why you’re suddenly hearing about turmeric everywhere. [Zelle]

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