Snow Run (with Free Beer!) Tonight at Philadelphia Runner

Photo by M. Fischetti for Visit Philadelphia

Photo by M. Fischetti for Visit Philadelphia

What can make a snow day better? A snow run, of course.

Philadelphia Runner will be closing its Center City store (16th and Sansom) early tonight to host a pop-up snow run at 6 p.m. Think of it as your preemptive opportunity to nip the next 24 hours of cabin fever in the bud.

If that’s not enough, perhaps the free beer will push you over the edge: PR’s Ryan Callahan says they’ve ordered six cases of beer to help you, um, rehydrate after the run.

This is a fun run for all levels. They’re aiming for an easy, snow-filled three-to-four-mile run, but they’ll adjust accordingly depending on who shows up. You’re in, right?

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