11 Make-Ahead Lunches to Make Your Next Workweek SO Much Easier

This past Sunday, we posted 5 Things to Do on Sunday to Prep for the Best Week Ever. In case you haven’t read it yet (tsk tsk), number three on the list is to whip up your lunches for the week ahead, so that you don’t have to worry about it during the week. And if you aren’t already doing this, you need to start, stat. Not only will you save yourself from weird hastily thrown together lunches made in a morning panic (a whole avocado and a can of cannellini beans?), you’ll save a boatload of cash if you’re eating out every day (think about it: $9 for a salad five days a week rings in at whopping $180 for the month. That’s, like, one month’s worth of cable WITH HBO, plus a delivery pizza and a six-pack of beer!).

And if you are already making your lunches ahead of time, chances are your go-to recipes have gotten a bit stale—a girl can only eat a quinoa, white bean and tofu salads so many times, am I right?

So, whether you’re new to the Sunday lunch-prep game or a veteran player, the 11 recipes below should help you out. From burrito bowl mason jar salads to nori vegetable wraps to make-ahead breakfast quesadillas (because who says you can’t have breakfast for lunch?), there’s something for everyone. Your homework: This weekend, whip up one or a few of these recipes and watch your workweek get a whole lot easier.

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