MOM’s Organic Market to Open New Store in Philly

The produce section at a MOM's Organic Market in Washington, D.C. | Photo via Facebook

The produce section at a MOM’s Organic Market in Washington, D.C. | Photo via Facebook

I could hardly contain my glee this morning when our pals over at Property shared news that MOM’s Organic Market, which we gave a Best of Be Well Philly award last year, is opening a second location in our area—this time right in Center City (!!!!). (Can you tell I’m excited?)

The 16,000-square-foot store, which, like MOM’s other stores, will boast a produce section made up entirely of organic offerings, will anchor the new East Market development at 34 South 11th Street. If you haven’t had the pleasure of perusing the Bryn Mawr store yet, which was the first in our area when it opened last year, here’s what you need to know: In addition to the 100-percent organic produce section, most of what you’ll find on the shelves is organic, too, and all products adhere to a strict list of ingredient standards; MOM’s strives to buy local whenever possible; stores are equipped with receptacles for compost, CFL bulbs, plastic bags and more for recycling purposes; and the aisles are noticeably wider than other grocery stores, making your shopping experience, well, simply that much less chaotic and that much more pleasant.

Cool, right? Property has more details about the store and its opening; check it out here.

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