MOM’s Organic Market Coming to Bryn Mawr

MOM's Rockville, Maryland store.

MOM’s Rockville, Maryland store.

Be Wellers on the Main Line, listen up: You’re getting a big, new organic market come February. Maryland-based MOM’s Organic Market is expanding to our area with a new 17,000-square-foot store in the Rosemont Square Shopping Center at 1149 East Lancaster Avenue in Bryn Mawr.

It’s the market’s biggest store to date, founder Scott Nash told me, and if all goes well, he hopes to open more MOM’s stores in our area down the pike. “Our other stores in Maryland and Baltimore are in the big retail areas,” he said. “So I asked a lot of people in Philly, ‘Where is your retail equivalent?’ They all said the Main Line.”

The store will go into the newly renovated Rosemont Square Shopping Center in part of a space formerly occupied by a massive Borders bookstore. Nash said his store sets itself apart from places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods by stocking more organic products than other grocery chains, including a produce section made up entirely of organic fruits and veggies, and showcasing lots of locally sourced items.

The store will also have a cafe counter called Naked Lunch, where you’ll be able to get fresh juice, sandwiches, hot foods and more. The cafe will be open for lunch and dinner.

And if you’re wondering what ever happened to the plans to open a farmers’ market in the same space, it’s still in the works. A rep from the property’s developer/owner S.W. Bajus told me that they wanted to get MOM’s up and running first, but they’re planning on getting the farmers’ market off the ground by next spring.