The Checkup: Surprise! You Can Get a Good Workout on an Elliptical—Here’s How



• Admit it—you usually turn your nose up at the elliptical trainers at the gym. Follow these tips, and you’ll get a killer workout on an elliptical that won’t bore you one bit. [Women’s Health]

• Leave it to this gingerbread granola recipe to win the holiday season. I mean, these photos are just the most insane thing ever, so imagine how good it must taste! [Minimalist Baker]

• No, winter isn’t just for soup. You can make a tasty winter salad with seasonal ingredients, too. Don’t believe me? Check out these gorgeous mixes. [Bon Appétit]

• Feeling burned out? You can blame your email, says new research. [Men’s Fitness]

• This is where Chicken McNuggets come from, according to McDonald’s. [BGR]

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