What to Eat This Week: Healthy Homemade Takeout Dinners

I recently discovered that I can order Buddakan to my doorstep with GrubHub’s assistance and, let me just say, it is a problem. And I’m not the only one cursed with an out-of-control delivery addiction: The other day, I was reading this piece on The Cut, where women dished on the stupidest things they waste money on. Spoiler alert: They pretty much all named the delivery service Seamless as their money suck of choice. Now, raise your hand if you’re in the same boat. Yeah, I thought so.

Not to fear, though, friends: We’ve got just the recipes to quell your delivery addiction—and they’re healthier than delivery, too! Here, a week’s worth of recipes for takeout favorites like fried rice, pizza, Indian and more. Next time your stomach starts to growl, just reach for this list instead of the phone.

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