The Checkup: Make Fruit Jam in Five Seconds (Seriously!) With this Smart Kitchen Hack



• If you’ve ever made fruit jam, you know: It takes hours, and you have to sanitize everything you use, and it’s kind of a pain. But have you ever thought of just smashing your favorite fruit up with some chia seeds, and maybe some honey, smearing it on a piece of toast and calling it a day? So simple, yet So. Freakin’. Smart. [The Skinny Confidential]

• Here, a guide to cleaning your cell phone, keyboard, tablet and more—because those things are dirty. [Real Simple]

• Next time you reward yourself with a beer after your workout, make it a bottle of this mineral-packed rehydrating beer. [Munchies]

• Have you been squatting all wrong? [Greatist]

• If you have absolutely zero clue what constitutes one serving of vegetables (or protein or rice, for that matter), no worries: This portion plate does all the measuring for you. [Co.Exist]

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