If You Live In Philly, You Probably Don’t Get Enough Sleep



Did you just yawn? And are you a little bit grumpy? Because if this new data is any indication, you probably didn’t get enough sleep last night: Jawbone, a company that makes fitness trackers that also track sleep patterns, analyzed thousands of their users’ sleep patterns throughout the country, and it turns out Philadelphians are not getting enough Zzzs.

According to the data, the average Jawbone user in Philadelphian gets just 6.86 hours of sleep each night, not meeting the NIH-recommended minimum of seven. And compared with much of the country, we don’t hit the sack until pretty darn late: The average bedtime in Philly is 11:41 p.m., later than other big cities like Chicago and San Francisco where bedtimes hover around 11:31, and much later than places like Greenlee, Arizona where the average bedtime is 10:30.

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But don’t feel too bad: According to Jawbone, not a single big city in the country met the NIH’s suggested seven hours of sleep. And hey, at least we’re not New York. The five boroughs of New York City have the top five latest bedtimes in the country, with Brooklyn snagging the number one spot at 12:07 a.m.

To see how the rest of the country is faring when it comes to sleep, check out Jawbone’s awesome interactive maps here.

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