The Checkup: 11 Ways You Unwittingly Sabotage Your Weight Loss

weight loss


• Whether you’re trying to shed five pounds or 50, this should be required reading: the many ways dieters undermine their weight-loss efforts without even realizing it. [Los Angeles Times]

• Want to tone your backside? Here are nine of the most effective moves for doing just that. [Self]

• Your sense of smell could predict your longevity, according to new research. Say whaaat? [New York Times]

• Did you know drivers in Pennsylvania are supposed to give four feet of clearance to cyclists when passing them on the road? Here’s what four feet of space actually, physically looks like. [Bicycling]

• Maybe the whole meathead thing isn’t true after all: New research shows that strength training actually boosts your brainpower. [Men’s Fitness]

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