What to Eat This Week: Fall Farmers’ Market Finds

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The fallen leaves I encountered while traipsing around the Wissahickon yesterday confirmed it, guys: Fall is really here. And while me and my always-cold self are truly sad to say goodbye to summer and all its sunshine, I am so, SO happy to say hello to fall veggies. Be Well editor, Emily, wrote an ode to fall veggies just the other day, and I figured I’d jump on the fall-veggie-loving bandwagon with this week’s fall-flavored recipes.

This week, we’ve got five delicious dishes that are loaded with fall veggies you’re likely to find lining your farmers’ market’s shelves in the coming weeks: potatoes, beets, kale, and, of course, lots and lots of squash. So now, you can jump on the fall-veggie-loving bandwagon too. Happy cooking!

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