The Checkup: THIS Can Cause Food Poisoning?!



• If you love to load your salads and wraps with sprouts (my hand is raised), you might want to cut back, or even cut them out altogether. Apparently, they are one of the top nine foods to cause food poisoning. Agh! [Huffington Post]

• Welp, I’m guilty of every single one of these: Eight times you’ve worn yoga pants when you had absolutely no intention of getting your downward dog on. [Women’s Health]

• Surprise: Burritos don’t always have to be the size of a newborn baby, á la Chipotle. Here, five healthy burrito recipes that won’t send you into a food coma. [Shape]

• Prepare to cringe, guys. These 10 things are dirtier than a toilet seat. Hint: If you get separation anxiety when you don’t have your smartphone in your hand, you’re probably touching one of these things right now. [Men’s Health]

• And speaking of cellphone addictions, a wearable battery that uses your sweat to charge your smartphone is in the works. Say whaaat?! [Prevention]

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