The Checkup: The Fresh Herb You Should Always, Always Have in Your Kitchen



• An NYC chef says parsley is the ultimate flavor enhancer. Actually, what she really says is that parsley is the “the underwear of my kitchen: I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere without it”—which, of course, is the best way, ever, of phrasing that particular sentiment. Check out these recipes that’ll get you on the parsley bandwagon, too. [Food + Wine]

• Surprise! Coffee is actually good for your teeth, says science. [Futurity]

• The World Health Organization ranked the top boozing countries (i.e. places in the world where people drink the most alcohol) and, get this, the U.S. doesn’t even crack the top 25. [MindBodyGreen]

• These, right here, are the breakfast bowls of champions. [Fitness Magazine]

• This is what it’s actually like to live with ALS. This is scary and moving and everything, you guys. [TIME]

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