The So-Dubbed “Fittest Man on Earth” Eats Two Pounds of WHAT Every Week?!



If someone asked you to list the foods you think the Fittest Man on Earth eats on the regular, you would probably rattle off every superfood you could think of: kale, sweet potatoes, quinoa. Well, you would be wrong. When asked about his diet, the recently re-crowned Fittest Man on Earth, four-time winner of the CrossFit Games Rich Froning, told Refinery29, “Bro, I don’t eat veggies really. Ranch dressing on veggie trays is about what I do.” Say whaaat?

So he’s not into broccoli, but I’ll tell you what he does eat: bacon. Lots and lots of bacon—about one or two pounds each week, he told Refinery29. Did your jaw just drop? Mine, too.

We did the math, and if he really is eating as much bacon as he says he is, that means The Fittest Man on Earth is consuming up to 112 pounds of bacon each year! That’s a lot of a bacon.

He even has a “bacon explosion” recipe that includes bacon interwoven with sausage and BBQ sauce. I could not make this up. Check it out over here.

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