Sign This: Petition Asking Michael Nutter to Create Philly Run to Work Day



There are a lot of reasons why I love my job, and this is one of them: Last week, I got into a pretty fun Twitter convo with Run 215 founder (and stellar #BWPSelfie taker) Jon Lyons about his dare-to-dream idea of creating a Run to Work Day in Philly, similar to Bike to Work Day.

“Sounds like a worthy petition to me,” I said. And so it began.

Lyons started working on it (with a few other tweeters like Philadelphia Runner and HappyRunningCo. chiming in with their seals of approval), and today we have the finished result. Behold: the petition, addressed to Mayor Michael Nutter, to officially establish Philly Run to Work Day, a day when we all, well, run to work—including the mayor himself.

(It should be noted that Philadelphia Runner also suggested coinciding Run to Work Day with National Shower at Work Day—which also doesn’t exist, as far as we know—and then we all went down the rabbit hole of suggesting deodorant sponsors and getting baby-wipe manufacturers and reaching out to Axe Body Spray about a partnership. Hey, like I said, we dare to dream. Anyway…)

We’ve seen you on two wheels for Bike To Work Day, now we want to see you on two feet for Philly Run To Work Day!” the petition says to Mayor Nutter. “Show the country that Philadelphia is committed to promoting a socially and environmentally healthy community. You give us the thumbs up, and we’ll lace up.”

Lyons is looking for 100 signatories to kick it off, and while he has six already, I think we can do much, much better. Go sign it for yourself. And Mayor Nutter, if you’re reading this, I hope you’ve got a great pair of running shoes.

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