#BWPSelfie of the Week: How a Beer-Lover Stays Fit

Welcome to our new Monday feature, the #BWPSelfie of the Week! Read about why we’re celebrating selfies—and the sweaty Philadelphians who take them—below. 

Name: Jon Lyons

Day job: District Manager for Southern Tier Brewing Co. and founder of Run215.

Where he snapped this: Kite & Key post-run with the Fishtown Beer Runners.

What he was doing: Running as fast as I could towards a cold pint of sweet, sweet beer.

Longest run he’s ever done: Marathon!

Gear he can’t run without: I’m very superstitious, so I always run with a piece of quartz in my pocket. And I gotta use New Balance—my favorite running shoes ever.

Music or no music? Sometimes music, sometimes not. Depends on my mood. I’m the “music snob” who listens to incredibly cheesy pop when running (ahem, Ke$ha), and I’m not ashamed. Go ahead. Judge me.

How he stays motivated to sweat: I work for a brewing company so, you know, that’s a lot of calories to burn. I’ll just leave it at that.

Ed. note:  In the spirit of bringing our community together and helping you guys inspire each other, we wanted to carve out a place on the blog to feature you, our readers, and celebrate all the ways you stay healthy and fit. This is our way to give a virtual high-five to Be Wellers who are sweating up a storm, making deliciously healthy meals, trying new adventures, and having all kinds of fun in and around Philly. So we want you to send us your healthiest, happiest selfies—tag ’em #BWPSelfie on Instagram and Twitter, or email them to me—and we could feature you in an upcoming edition. 

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