The Checkup: Yogis, You’re Doing This One Yoga Pose All Wrong



• Sorry, yogis—you’re doing Chaturanga all wrong. The good news is that this video tutorial breaks it down step by step. [Women’s Health]

• I’m willing to bet a lot of money that you have 12 minutes to spare somewhere in your day. Put them to good use: Try this 12-minute (see what I did there?) strength routine that uses only your bodyweight to tone up time. [Huffington Post]

• The “Is CrossFit safe or not?” debate rekindles, this time with an interesting look at how CrossFit gyms and trainers are certified. [ESPN]

• Thirty-six—that, according to new research, is that age at which YOLO (you only live once) takes on a new, all-too-literal meaning. [Men’s Fitness]

• If kale and Brussels sprouts had a baby, it’d look like this. [Prevention]

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