The Checkup: 10 Healthy Ways to Totally Transform Ramen Noodles



• Yep, you read that correctly: 10 healthy recipes made with everyone’s favorite not-so-healthy dorm food. [Prevention]

• Looking to mix up your gym routine? Here, the hollow plank—try it, learn it, love it. [Men’s Health]

• Ever find yourself wondering if your iPhone is broken because you haven’t received a text for, like, 32 whole minutes? Yeah…it might be time for a digital detox. [Refinery29]

• Here are fourteen fad diets that you should never ever try. Hint: You’ve probably tried at least one, and I hope, for your sake, that it wasn’t The Baby Food Diet. [Huffington Post]

• If you’re headed to happy hour tonight, here’s the one drink that you should definitely steer clear of. (Don’t worry, it’s not a margarita—promise.) [Women’s Health]

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