How 5 Philly Fitness Pros Clean Up Post-Workout

We’ve all seen those people who look phenomenal after a workout. You know, the ones who leave an hour-long spin class, let their hair down, and go about their lives just like that? I’m not one of those people. I practically break a sweat when I think about exercise. So forgoing a shower after a workout, especially in the middle of the summer? Forget about it. But sometimes, there’s no choice. It’s a lunch break sweat sesh or a pre-dinner run—or it’s nothing.

So I asked the people who sweat for a living how they get it together after a workout. I expected these ladies to recommend a dry shampoo or two, but what I got instead was an arsenal of amazing tips and products that are guaranteed get you out the door, looking fresh, in no time. Consider this my gift to you, my sweaty, sweaty friends. 

Shoshana Katz, general manager, Body Cycle Studio

“I’m all about trying to keep my face looking fresh and clean. During the summer, my sensitive skin easily breaks out from sweating my face off (literally). For on the go, I use Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit face wipes. I also carry Kiehl’s Ultra Facial moisturizing toner and will use that with a cotton ball. I follow with the matching moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated. (They have an oil free version for those with oily skin.) I also like to keep my lips hydrated, so I use Palmer’s Coco Butter stick. It’s an oldie but goodie! For my hair, (it’s curly) DevaCurl Mist-er Right is a great spray that rejuvenates the product that you already have in your hair. Plus, it smells amazing!”

Holly Waters, fitness coach and personal trainer, Holly Waters Fitness

“A cold bottle of water on your elbow creases, in your arm pits and behind the knees quickly cools you down. Then I use De-Slick by Urban Decay for the greasy face after a rinse or some baby wipes, of course. Baby powder is also a life saver: Sprinkle on your hair or wherever you aren’t so fresh.”

Juliet Sabella, owner, The Wall Cycling Studio

“No matter what I do, my ponytail always ends up in my face while I teach, resulting in me literally knotting the sweaty mess on top of my head. To get rid of the tangles and to refresh my hair, I spray in Rusk 12-in-1 W8less Miracle Treatment. It helps me get my tangled hair under control and smells so good! Then I spray in Rusk Deep Shine Color Care Invisible Dry Shampoo to get rid of the ‘I haven’t washed my hair’ look and it also gives it some volume. The hair always ends up back on my head, in my signature floppy, messy bun, but at least it looks clean and smells amazing. I sweat a LOT, so I always keep Ban Total Refresh Cooling Wipes at the studio, which are a quick cleaner-upper for your face and arms, and then finish it off with Dove Advanced Care deodorant—it smells amazing!”

Lauren Krinis, instructor, CoreFitness

“Here’s what you’ll need to beat the heat: Stick with CVS Cleansing & Makeup Remover Towelettes for a quick refresh. As for hair, a texturizing spray like Tony&Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray works better than dry shampoo in the summer and creates a beachy wave. I’ve also learned (after many failed attempts) that a high pony tail seems to be the best style to recover from post-workout. Lip gloss and mascara are a bonus! Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF15 is great for outdoor workouts. And finally, if all else fails, embrace it. Improved blood flow from exercise carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin, so take advantage of that post work out glow enhancing your summer tan!”

Jess Burns, instructor, Flywheel Philadelphia

“I work out a few times a day and always make sure to carry dry shampoo and Nathan Power Shower Wipes (Note: you can get them at Philadelphia Runner) in my bag to help keep fresh between sessions. Then all I need is a fresh tank and a spray of coconut body splash so I can smell like summer. I aways keep hand sanitizer with me, too!”

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