What to Eat This Week: Detox Dinners

After a weekend like the one we just had—a long weekend filled with burgers, buns, and let’s be honest, probably some beer—eating yet another big meal can feel more like a burden than something to look forward to. Which is why, for this week’s recipes, we’ve rounded up five light meals that are loaded with vitamin-packed, detoxifying goodies like beets, kale, avocado and asparagus. Not only do these foods taste delicious, they also each pack a body-cleansing punch: Beets help to clean out the liver, kale is high in antioxidants, avocado boasts tons of heart-healthy fats and fiber and asparagus cleanses the kidneys and works as a natural anti-inflammatory. Meaning, not only will these meals taste good, they’ll make you feel good, too. Happy cooking!

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