It’s Official: Yoga Jeans Are a Thing

Photo via Silver Jeans Co.

Photo via Silver Jeans Co.

In today’s news that makes you say “But whyyyy?”: According to Racked, Silver Jeans Co. has created a pair of jeans that you can wear to yoga called—wait for it—Joga Jeans. Spoiler: I’m pretty sure they’re just fancy jeggings.

You’re probably wondering how in the heck a pair of jeans could possibly give you the freedom to get your backbend on in a yoga class, right? Well, as the company explains on their website: “The top is woven like traditional denim and underneath is a plush knit. This revolutionary fabric technology has unparalleled recovery allowing the jean to move with your body without bagging out.” So if the fabric is everything they say it is, you should be able to hit the yoga studio then head to happy hour without ever changing your—probably very sweaty—jeans.

But the question still remains: Why, oh whyyy, would you want to do that? Check out the jegg—oops, I mean yoga jeans here. And if you’re into them, they’re available for pre-order in both men’s and women’s fits now.

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