The Checkup: The Biggest Iced-Coffee Calorie Bombs at Starbucks


Photos via Starbucks

• We’re getting into iced-coffee season, folks, and with it comes happy dreams of blended mocha frappes with extra whip—am I right? Here’s what those creamy Starbucks drinks will set you back, calorie-wise, along with smarter picks for what to order. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Guess which Philly chef is receiving accolades from Food & Wine for a seriously delicious gluten-free dessert? [Food & Wine]

• Here’s how to get an insane workout on your steps in just 10 minutes flat. [Health]

• Say buh-bye to that “All Natural” label emblazoned on your Kashi cereal box. Kellogg agreed to drop the claim as part of a settlement for a class-action lawsuit. [Review Journal]

• Looks like PECO is handing out free trees. Any takers? [Patch]

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