The Checkup: 25 Ways to Make Water Insanely Delicious

fruit water


• If you’re not a naturally insatiable water drinker (Hey, we all have our downfalls.), listen up: Make water more appealing by adding some all-natural flavor. Here are 25 smart ways to sweeten up your H2O intake. [Prevention]

• For everyone who’s ever wondered why their pee smells after eating asparagus … [Women’s Health]

• Oooh, so THAT’S what everyone buys at Trader Joe’s. (And for the record, this is what a health coach says you should reach for in TJ’s frozen food aisle.) [Huffington Post]

• Here’s how to do a smart cardio-and-strength circuit—right down to the minute. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Why a study found that women over 30 really, really need to stay active. [HealthDay]

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