Ultimate Philly Runner’s Brunch Guide: Best Brunches Near Philly Running Spots

Runners on the Schuylkill Trail along Kelly Drive // Photo by Jeff Fusco

Runners on the Schuylkill Trail along Kelly Drive // Photo by Jeff Fusco

Last week, I set out to write what I thought would be the Ultimate Philly Runner’s Guide to Post-Run Brunching. Because think about it: What could be more useful to Philly runners than a list of solid brunch places near some of the area’s most popular running spots?

But then I realized something: I know nothing about Philly restaurants. Ask me anything about a gym or a yoga studio, and I’m all over it. But restaurants? Nope.

So I turned to my friends over at Foobooz to get their obviously more informed opinions on the subject. They thought about it for a week, and got their picks to me this morning. Guys, they did not disappoint.

Foobooz founder Arthur Etchells has put together what really IS the Ultimate Philly Runner’s Guide to Post-Run Brunching, with recs for terrific brunch options throughout the city and ‘burbs—places where you’ll get a good meal without having to change out of your running shorts. (Because let’s be serious: Showering and changing before scarfing down brunch is so not happening.)

Art’s picks for runners are below, but for even more brunch ideas, check out Foobooz’s guide to the best brunch spots in Philly.

If you’re running the Schuylkill Trail and ending in East Falls …

Try: In Riva

The Scene: Dine outdoors on the sun-drenched deck and look out over the Schuylkill River and Kelly Drive.

Don’t Miss: The Breakfast pizza, pancetta, egg, potato and onion, atop In Riva’s excellent dough.

Other solid options: 
Trolley Car Cafe

If you’re running the Schuylkill Trail and ending near the Art Museum …

Try: La Calaca Feliz 

The Scene: It’s festive indoors but under the Magnolia tree in the back courtyard is where you want to be.

Don’t Miss: Huevos! Rancheros or revueltos, you can’t go wrong. Especially if you wash it down with a Bloody Maria.

Other solid options: 
Belgian Cafe
Bishop’s Collar

If you’re running the Schuylkill Banks … 

Try: Gavin’s Cafe

The Scene: Quaint little corner cafe. It can get crowded but then just stroll over to the dog park and watch the always entertaining pooches.

Don’t Miss:  The Argentinian Breakfast provides Argentinian-style croissants, coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice and leaves just enough room for an empanada to go.

Other solid options: 
Ants Pants Cafe

If you’re running the Ben Franklin Bridge …

Try: Wedge + Fig

The Scene: It’s an attractive cafe and grocery. Out back is a tree-lined courtyard.

Don’t Miss: The Brunch bar. Build your own ultimate breakfast sandwich.

Other solid options: 
Khyber Pass Pub
The Gaslight

If you’re running the Haverford College Nature Trail … 

Try: Sabrina’s

The Scene: The newest Sabrina’s location is the Wynnewood Shopping Center. It contains the same kitschy charm as the other Sabrina’s locations.

Don’t Miss: The Stuffed Challah French Toast is why you run.

Other solid options:
Ardmore Station Cafe
Havertown Grille

If you’re running in the Wissahickon …

Try: Cake

The Scene: This is probably the swankiest brunch spot on this list, but we think it makes the post-run, still-in-shorts cut. It’s a former greenhouse reimagined as a cafe. 

Don’t Miss: The quiche of the day is a good place to start, as long as you also start with a sweet.

Other solid options:
Trolley Car Diner

If you’re running in Valley Forge National Historic Park … 

Try: Nudy’s (Devon location)

The Scene: On a nice morning the patio is the place to be, even if you have to wait a bit.

Don’t Miss: Sweet or savory, the signature omelets and pancakes are where it’s at.

Other solid options: 
Andy’s Place
Em J’s Cafe

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