The Checkup: The 13 Absolute Worst People at the Gym

Chances are, you've met all of them.



• Here, 13 insanely annoying gym people that make even the most devoted gym lovers say “I’m Never. Coming. Back.” And, yes: That guy who grunts wayyy too much is on the list. [Huffington Post]

• If the Daylight Saving Time switch totally screwed with your sleep schedule, then these yoga moves for better sleep might be just the fix. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Looking to spice up your workout routine? Well, here’s one you probably haven’t tried: The Tire Workout. [Fit Bottomed Mamas]

• This is definitely the cutest thing you’ll see today: French bulldogs practicing yoga. Ahhh-mazing. [Yoga Dork]

• Who needs oysters when you’ve got a gym membership? Apparently, weight-lifting boosts sex drive. [Prevention]

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