Book, Buy and Check-in to Classes on the New Flywheel App

flywheelFlywheel Sports just released a new app for iPhone and iPad this week, designed to make the class booking/buying/check-in process easier. It also tracks all your performance data in one place, so you can see your progress over time. A Class Rank option allows you to see how you performed compared to other people in your class, and a  “Percentiles” metric shows you how you rate next to other Flywheelers in our region on Torq, RPMs, speed, distance and calories burned. Motivating, right?

The coolest feature, I think, is the “Geo Check-in” option, which lets you to skip the front desk lines at the studio by checking-in for your class when you are within 20 minutes of start time and within 500 meters of the studio. Fancy!

Download the free app here.

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