Spanx Debuts New Separate-and-Lift Bra … for Your Butt

Trust Your Thinstincts Booty Bra from Spanx // Photo via Spanx

Photo via Spanx

I don’t think I’ve ever written about Spanx twice in one week, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything, right? Be Well’s lovely assistant editor Adjua Fisher was so intrigued (appalled?) by a just released Spanx product that she took a minute out of her day off to pass along this post on Refinery 29 all about the impressively named Trust Your Thinstincts Booty Bra. Yes, a bra for your butt.

From what I gather, I guess Spanx’s normal shapewear products can have a tendency to flatten out your tush while flatting your tummy—at least on some people—giving you that whole pancake-butt effect thing. This new product is somehow less restrictive, so that it flattens your stomach and hips while SIMULTANEOUSLY lifting and smoothing out your booty. In fact, it specifically promises to keep your backside “perky and separated” in the same way a good bra does for your boobs.

R29’s Leeann Duggan rightly concludes, “Sure, we’d take a little Bündchen-style lift any day. But, separation? We’re not sure we’re okay with that being a thing.”

The butt bra is going for $58 over on Spanx’s website. What do you think: worthy investment or ridiculous gimmick?

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