Noooo! All The Ways Spanx Are Horrible For Your Body



Welp, the folks over at Magee Rehab are pretty much breaking the hearts of women everywhere this week, with a roundup of all the ways body-shaping underwear like Spanx are really, really bad for our bodies.

Here’s one terrifying side effect, for example:

Digestion problems. When you eat while wearing your shape wear, your food has a hard time moving through your intestines. Intestines need room to fully contract and relax to move your food along, but shape wear compresses them. Difficulty digesting results in gas, bloating, nausea and heart burn. If you have irritable bowel syndrome, your IBS symptoms can worsen and you could have bowel incontinence. If you have acid reflex, shape wear that stops at the bra line will increase your likelihood to have reflux or will worsen your reflux.

Well, geez. Way to be a fashion buzzkill, Magee.

Go read all the reasons you should rethink your Spanx here.

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