The Checkup: No-Equipment Snow Day Workout to Keep You from Going Stir Crazy



• So, you think a workout isn’t worth it unless you’re at the gym? Wrong. You can get a pretty killer burn on without leaving home—which is good news for all you house-bound, snow-day folks today. Beat the stir-crazies with this easy-to-follow, no-equipment-needed workout you can do in your living room. [ACE]

• Uhh, interesting? Beef jerky meets Lara Bars in the brave new world of meat-based energy bars. [Outside Magazine]

• Ah ha! A new study found no evidence whatsoever that working out makes you eat more. In fact, it decreases your hunger drive and increases your blood sugar, which helps stave off cravings. Meaning? The refrigerator binge you do when you get home from the gym can totally be avoided. [Women’s Health]

• Tomorrow morning, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier to squeeze in time for these five fantastic a.m. yoga poses. Can you think of a better way to start your day? [Yoganonymous]

• So long honey-roasted peanuts. Looks like a few airlines are hopping on the superfood train and serving quinoa-based snacks to travelers. [Well+Good NYC]