The Checkup: YES! Strength Training Burns More Calories Than You Think



• Think lifting weights won’t give you a good calorie burn? Think again. New research reveals that strength-training activities burn twice as many calories as previous thought, putting some moves, like push-ups, on par with cardio activities. Click through for a workout that uses the highest-calorie-burn strength training moves. [Runner’s World]

• What the colors on your plate mean (and why they matter). [Q by Equinox]

• If you’re looking for a reason to try yoga (beyond that it’s awesome, of course), here’s one: A new study found that doing yoga one hour a week cuts a woman’s risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. [NPR]

• Speaking of yoga, it’s got a new convert: First Lady Michelle Obama. [Yoga Dork]

• How to detox on a plane. (Hint: Fly Virgin Atlantic.) [Well+Good NYC]