8 Pinterest Fitness Challenges You Have to Try



If you’ve found yourself in a fall fitness rut, Pinterest is a great place to get some inspiration. No, really! The site’s fitness-savvy users are always pinning up a storm when it comes to neat workout challenges. So I think you should try one—or two, or three—of them to get your blood flowing again.

And by the way, I don’t want to hear any “Buuuuut, I just don’t have time” excuses; some of these workouts are 30-day commitments and some are as short as 30 minutes, so there is definitely an option that you can fit into your schedule. Check ’em out and get your sweat on. (And, hey, while you’re at it, follow us on Pinterest, too!)

30-Day Ab Challenge

Losing that six-pack to warm winter dishes? (Mushroom risotto can be dangerously delicious, am I right?) Tone up with this ab challenge!

30-Day Arm Challenge

If you despise push-ups as much as I do, then it takes some incentive to do them. Challenge yourself to reach 50 pushups with this 30-day arm workout.

Killer Leg Routine

Sitting at a desk all day long can make for some seriously untoned legs. Feel the burn and see results with this tough leg workout.

30-Day Amazing Butt Challenge

Looking to get a booty like Beyonce’s? Here ya go! Get your squat on with this 30-day booty challenge.

30-Day Squat and Crunch Challenge

This challenge is preeeetty tough, with the first day calling for 50 squats. But you could easily make this challenge less monotonous by switching up the squat and crunch variations each day: try a jumping squat on day two and twisting crunches on day three.

10 Pull Up Workout Challenge

Pull-ups are one of the toughest exercises in existence. So if you gave up on doing them years ago, try again with this pull-up challenge.

100 Workout

This full-body workout is making my arms and legs sore just looking at it!

The Walking Dead Workout

Can’t make it to the gym because The Walking Dead is on? I totally understand. Instead, try this workout during the episode. It’s bound to be tough. I mean, 10 jump lunges every time someone bleeds?? I can feel the burn already!