The Checkup: The Many Joys and Sorrows of Being a Vegetarian at Thanksgiving



• Hi.LARIOUS: This is what it’s like to be a vegetarian at Thanksgiving—in GIFs. Happy Friday. [Buzzfeed]

• Since we seem to be all about fitness etiquette lately, I thought I should toss a bone to the runners among us. Here are three golden rules for proper finish-line etiquette—or as I like to think of it, “how not to be a jerk at the end of your next race.” [Runner’s World]

• So apparently? Saturated fat is good for you now? Or something? I can’t keep up. [Greatist]

• Here’s what happens when a couple of carb-aholics try a Paleo diet for two weeks. [Refinery 29]

• This is how to make Doritos bread. Yes, Doritos in bread form. (I don’t recommend actually eating this, but you should witness it anyway.) [Bon Appétit]