Foods That Make You Happy—Literally!



You know when you get a taste of a perfectly ripe avocado and your heart fills with joy? Like, pure food-heaven joy? Well, it turns out that there is some science behind this food-induced elation.

The folks over at POPSUGAR Fitness have created a handy dandy video showcasing the foods that are scientifically proven to make us happy. And, not surprisingly, they are probably some of your favorites. So, which of your diet staples made the cut?

Avocado, salmon, nuts and dairy products are all overflowing with healthy fats. Fat is often considered a bad word when talking health, but not in this case. Omega-3 fatty acids protect our brains from mood disorders, keeping us in good spirits. (Finally, a justification for my salmon-and-avocado sushi-roll obsession.)

Research also finds that vitamin D, vitamin B-12 and folate directly impact our happiness by helping to regulate mood disorders and preventing symptoms of depression. You can find vitamin D in milk, egg yolks and fish and vitamin B-12 can be found it meat, fish and cottage cheese. Leafy greens like kale, spinach and broccoli are great sources of folate.

So, go! Bake some kale chips and dip those bad boys into a vat of creamy guacamole. That’s what I call a real happy-hour snack.