10 Smart Ways to Store Your Keys While You Run

Never lose a key again!


I’ve lost more than my fair share of keys while running. Even though I always make sure to buy shorts and pants with pockets, I’ve found that unless the pockets have a zipper closure, they’re not 100 percent reliable.

So instead of replacing all my gear, I wanted to see if there were ways to get creative with key storage. Here are the best tricks the Internet has to offer.

1. Tie them to your shoelace. [via Samantha Menzies]

2. Tie them to your wrist with a hair rubber band. [via Live Laugh Eat]

3. Store them in your sports bra (especially easy if your sports bra has a pocket). [via JoeyBra]

4. Stash them behind your iPod in your arm band. [via Engadget]

5. Carry a water bottle with a pocket, and put them in the pocket. [via Ultimate Direction]

6. Make a key scrunchie. [via Healthy Tipping Point]

7. Tie them into the string of your pants. [via RunnerDude’s Blog]

8. Get a GoKey bracelet (neat!). [via GoKey]

9. Pin them to your shorts using a secure-locking diaper safety pin. [via Etsy]

10. If you’ve only got one key, invest in taller, tight-fitting  socks and store it in one of the socks. [via Nike]