Photos: Be Well Philly Cross-Training Run with Unite Fitness and Philadelphia Runner

If there are two words to describe our inaugural cross-training group run last night, they’re this: So. Fun. And if you would allow me a few more, I’d add these: Holy crap that was fun, but good Lord am I tired today.

In case you missed the memo, last night we hosted the first ever Be Well Philly Cross-Training Run with our friends at Unite Fitness and Philadelphia Runner. The group-run-meets-boot-camp workout started at Unite at 12th and Sansom and included an almost-four-mile run through Center City, ending at Agno Grill for a fun after party. The greatest part, in my opinion, was when we left Unite, 70-ish strong, and ran down the middle of Sansom Street for a few blocks. Literally. In the middle of the road. At rush hour. I was shocked—shocked—that cars cooperated. We didn’t get honked at once! Thank you, Philly.

Our first stop was Love Park, where we warmed up with some quick dynamic stretching, then did a set of box jumps on the fountain. Next we headed to Logan Circle for some pushups and dips before running to the Rodin Museum, where a set of walking lunges aaaaaalmost killed me. My absolute favorite part was at the Art Museum steps, where a bride and groom were there taking pictures. I guess we either totally inspired or totally overwhelmed their photo shoot, because the bride ended up doing a few squat jumps with us, fully decked out in her gown. It was so funny and awesome. What a good sport!

After some sprint work on the Schuylkill Banks and burpees in Rittenhouse Square, we headed to Agno Grill, where our runners kicked back with KIND Bars and Vita Coco, noshed some delicious Mediterranean food from Agno, and won some raffle prizes. I had an absolute blast (but seriously—can you see why I’m exhausted today?) and can’t wait to plan another fun fitness outing soon. Thanks to Unite, Philadelphia Runner and Agno for making it a fantastic night!

Check out our photos of all the fun.