Make: Paleo-Friendly Chick-fil-A Chicken Recipe

Chick Fil A 8pc Nuggets

I can’t remember if I’ve admitted it on the blog yet, but here you have it: I love Chick-fil-A chicken. I know, I know—the company’s a bit, er, politically questionable, but that chicken, man. It’s just so good.

While I’m pretty good at keeping my Chick-fil-A binges to a minimum, I couldn’t help but click when a Facebook friend posted a Paleo-friendly Chick-fil-A chicken recipe. I’d heard the rumor before, but the creator of this recipe confirmed it: The trick to getting that Chick-fil-A goodness is marinading the chicken in pickle juice. Neat, right?

Now, before you start singing from the rooftops that I’ve uncovered some low-cal, low-fat Chick-fil-A chicken rip-off, know that I’m not making any of those claims. This recipe is simply Paleo-friendly, which means it’s refined-sugar and white-flour free. In fact, if you figure the recipe could feed two, maybe three people at most, you’re looking at 500+ calories a serving, according to my numbers crunching. So, yes, the chicken here is fried, but I thought my Paleo readers might enjoy a new recipe to add to this list.

So there you have it. A Paleo-friendly Chick-fil-A chicken recipe to make at home—nothing more, nothing less. Check it out here.