The Checkup: 12 New Add-ins for Your Morning Oatmeal

• For me, every day starts with a bowl of oatmeal. I thought I had my mix-ins routine down—as I mentioned yesterday, it’s walnuts, banana and cinnamon—but this list of 12 deliciously nutritious new add-ins for oatmeal (maple syrup and figs, perhaps?) has me rethinking it. [Fit Pregnancy]

• Attention, men: Do not—I repeat, do NOT—skip breakfast. A new study found a connection between skipping breakfast and increased heart attack risk in men. Are you paying attention now? [HealthDay]

• Useful alert! Local blogger (and occasional Be Well contributor) Julie Hancher lists out everything you ever wanted and needed to know about the vendors at the Rittenhouse Square Farmers’ Market. [Green Philly Blog]

• Is a relay race on your bucket list for this year? Here’s how to train for one. [Runner’s World]

Ice cream for breakfast. ‘Nuff said. [The Whole Gang]