The Checkup: A Dozen Ways to Sneak More Greens Into Your Diet

No-brainer tips for seriously upping your greens quotient.

• Next time you go to whip up a batch of chocolate-chip cookies, consider adding one more ingredient: a handful of spinach. Click through for more ways to up your greens intake. [HuffPost Healthy Living]

• Bring on the fish! A new study found that regularly eating oily fish (think salmon, tuna, sardines) may cut your breast-cancer risk by as much as 14 percent. [HealthDay]

• If you said an “Amen!” to this, you’ll certainly like this, too: eight tested and approved ponytails, braids and more that stay put when you run. [Runner’s World]

• Maybe Dr. Atkins was on to something. A new study shows that certain kinds of carbs can actually trigger your brain to crave even more of them—which could explain why you can never seem to eat just one cookie. [New York Times]

• Cool video: what a 200-calorie serving looks like in wine, cheese, apples, broccoli, peanut butter and more. [Blisstree]