The Checkup: Why You Should Work with the Lights Off Today

A new study found that darkness gets your creative juices flowing.

• Up against a deadline? Turn off the lights. A new study found that darkness boosts productivity. And get this: Even if you can’t turn off the lights around you, just thinking about being in the dark will get the juices flowing. [Newser]

• This is so awesome: a deaf toddler hears for the first time thanks to an auditory brain-stem implant. His face is priceless, y’all. [New York Magazine]

• You know how New York just launched a bike-share program? Someone’s using the docked bikes for pop-up Spin classes—for the homeless. No joke. Click through for a video. [The Philly Post]

• With leg room now nearly nonexistent on airplanes, you might really need this: 12 yoga poses to do on a long flight. [MindBodyGreen]

• Listen up, runners: Here are seven weird reasons why you might have a running injury. (Spoiler alert: Your parents are part of the problem.) [Runner’s World]

Photo: Shutterstock