The Checkup: Your Favorite New Grocery Store Is …

Plus: why yoga is evil (whaaaa?), sunscreen is good for you (duh), and semen is a superfood (seriously?).

• The ACMEs of the world have got to be more than a little apprehensive about’s purported move into the grocery business—nay, the grocery delivery business. Soon, you might be able to order your eggs, cheese and milk along with your bacon-scented air fresheners and terrifying horse-head masks. How convenient! [The Daily Beast]

• Um, I think the Huffington Post just called semen a “superfood.” Yes, yes they did. [Huffington Post]

Yoga is of the devil! Or so Virginia lieutenant gubernatorial contender E.W. Jackson says. Oy. [The Atlantic]

• Here’s one way to be healthy while still eating takeout: HealthyOut, a new app that finds light(er) delivery food and orders it for you. [Jezebel]

• In the category of Duh, regularly using sunscreen slows the skin’s aging process, which give you more time before the wrinkles and fine lines set in, accruing to a new study. So glad we cleared that up. [Runner’s World]

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