20 Push-Up Variations: Beginner to Advanced

There are plenty of ways to mix-up a ho-hum push-up. Don't believe us? Read on.

Push-ups are awesome—no really. Just think about it: You can do them anywhere, they require no equipment, and almost everyone knows how to do them. Like the plank, a push-up has a lot of variation potential, which means you can target a whole range of muscles, including triceps, back, shoulders, abs, chest and more.

If you want to take your push-ups to the next level, check out these 20 variations, broken down by beginner, intermediate and advanced, depending on difficulty level. Once you’ve mastered one group, move on to the next. Or, pick a few from each list and jot down how many reps you can muster. Try to beat your score next week to track your progress.


1. Basic push-up

2. Incline push-ups

3. Decline push-ups

4. Wide-form push-ups

5. Rotating push-up

6. Push-up with dumbbell row


7. Bosu push-up

8. Triangle push-up

9. Barbell push-up

10. Spiderman push-up

11. Grasshopper push-up

12. Partner push-up


13. Push-up chest fly on a slideboard

14. Push-up with clap

15. Judo push-up

16. One-arm push-up

17. Thigh-slap push-up

18. Medicine-ball push-up

19. Single-arm medicine ball push-up

20. Elbow push-up combo

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