To Do: ‘Flowing Into Forearms’ Inversions Workshop at the Yoga Garden

Yoga Garden Narberth wants you to see the world from a new perspective: upside down.

The Pincha Mayurasana—sounds tough, right? (Literally: how do you even pronounce that?) Luckily for you, Yoga Garden Narberth isn’t asking you to jump into the forearm stand cold. Instead, with the help of instructor Natalie Levin, you’ll spend two hours flowing and moving your body in ways that will ideally prepare you to go upside down in a workshop called Flowing Into Forearms. Not only will you come to find the forearm stand less foreign and more practicable by the end of the workshop, practicing this asana strengthens the arms, shoulders, abdominal muscles and back. If you have prior experience with the forearm stand, you’ll work on more advanced variations. There’s something for everyone! Learn more and register here (scroll about halfway down).

$35, April 13th from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Yoga Garden Narberth, 131 North Narberth Avenue, Narberth.

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Photo: Shutterstock