Underwater Spin Class: Would You Try It?

A new kind of indoor cycling is hitting New York this month. I'm intrigued.

As with all new things in the fitness world (except Lithe Method—woo!), New York’s getting it first. But if Flywheel is any indicator, Aquaspinning will one day be here in Philly. So would you try it?

Well + Good NYC posts on a new indoor cycling studio called Aqua Studio that’s exactly what it sounds like: stationary bikes in a pool. Specifically:

The classes at Aqua Studio have a lot in common with a “dry” cycling class—45 minutes of interval training with varied positions and an upbeat playlist. But instead of a dial to adjust your resistance throughout class, you’ll have to choose from three pre-set levels before you start. And [owner Esther] Gauthier is still deciding whether or not to offer different types of classes that vary between restorative and kick-butt.

The hydro-Spin style is apparently less taxing on the joints and provides greater resistance. Intrigued?

I think I am. As I’ve said before, I’m not the biggest indoor cycling fan, but I’m certainly up for anything. My biggest hang up here, however, is the price tag. These classes cost $40 each, plus $2 to rent special rubber shoes. That ain’t exactly, er, economical.

Read more about the workout—and see some photos—here.