The Checkup: This Is the Most Effective Way to Do Sit-ups, According to Science

Want rock-hard six-pack abs? Keep reading.

• Here’s some news I’m betting most of us can use: British researchers, who set out to find the most core-strengthening sit-up technique, discovered that doing the exercise with feet unrestrained—as opposed to, well, restrained—is the way to go. In the study, researchers had subjects perform sit-ups and curl-ups in a number of different positions, including with feet unrestrained and restrained (i.e. shoved under a couch or with someone sitting on top of them). The subjects were hooked up to machines that measured their muscle activity while they did sit-ups for two minutes. Researchers found that when feet were restrained, a muscle in the quadriceps called the rectus femoris was actually doing all the work—not super helpful if a six-pack is your goal. Therefore, they concluded, it’s best to do sit-ups with your feet unrestrained for maximum abdominal impact. Runner’s World has more, including a video with sit-up exercises that will absolutely shred you.

• Because I know you drink red wine for its health benefits (and THAT’S THE ONLY REASON, RIGHT??), listen up: A study found that storage temperature is everything when it comes to wine’s taste, especially if you’re a boxed-wine aficionado. According to this study, you want to keep it cool because boxed wine is more vulnerable to spoilage from warmer temps than bottled wine. “Bagged wine stored at 68 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit aged significantly faster than did the bottled wine, becoming darker and developing sherry-like, dried fruit-like, and vinegar-like attributes.” Ick.

• Behold! The bike/car hybrid of the future! Meet, the ELF Electronic Vehicle powered by pedaling and the sun. Mashable has more (with a video of the insanely cool contraption).