The Checkup: How to Be an Awesome Philadelphia Marathon Spectator

Step 1: Procure cowbell. And more tips from Rocky Road Running.

• Good news, Philly marathoners and spectators! We’re poised to have great weather on Sunday morning—53 degrees with some sun and clouds, according to Sure it’s a bit brisk, but when is a Philadelphia Marathon ever not chilly? Hat tip to reader/fellow blogger Anne Marie Everhart for sharing her superb Philadelphia Marathon spectating guide this week, aptly titled, “THE SUPER OFFICIAL ROCKY ROAD RUNNING TWO CENTS ON SPECTATING THE PHILADELPHIA MARATHON.” Nice. The guide includes such gems as make a sign (just be sure to put a snarky joke on it), bring a cowbell (not annoying to runners, though possibly annoying to fellow spectators around you), and don’t scream, “You’re almost there!” because, well, you’re not. Check out all of Anne’s tips here.

• Aw, man. Everything grandpa said is true: kids these days really are dumber than in his day. Science says it’s so (unfortunately). The Philly Post has more.

• Okay, so you know how we ladies have more knee-injuries, statistically speaking, than guys? A new joint study from University of Texas-Austin and UNC Chapel Hill is blaming our hormones. More here.

Photo: Shutterstock