BeWOW: B Strong Workout

Today's BeWOW workout is brought to you by the letter B. Read on to check out this fast-paced, strength-building workout.

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In this week’s workout, you’ll complete four rounds of three exercises each; each round lasts for five minutes. Once you complete all four rounds, you’ll start from the top and do them all again for a complete workout. The goal of this workout is to make it through as many sets of the three exercises as possible in that five-minute window. After each round, keep track of how many sets you complete because you’re going to do each round over again. After the first cycle through all four rounds, the goal of the second cycle is to do as many sets as you did the first time—or even more. You are going to have to work harder to push yourself through the second time, but with the goal of the first round fresh in your mind, you’ll know you can do it!

If you are just starting out and five minutes is too much time, go for a shorter amount of time. You are in charge of this workout and the length of each round. If you need to start at three minutes, or two minutes, or maybe even one, that’s a great start. Good luck!

BeWOW: B Strong

What you’ll need:
• Bench or step
Bosu ball
• Physioball
• Kettlebell or free weight
• Mat

Round 1: Bench
All exercises are done on a bench.
Total time: 5 minutes

10 knee drives on a bench or step (10 on each side)
10 push-ups with hands on the bench
10 dips

Round 2: Bosu
All exercises can be done on a bosu ball, or on the ground.
Total time: 5 minutes

10 Up-Up-Down-Down
10 Up and over
10 Ab twists

Round 3: Ball
All exercises are done on a physioball.
Total time: 5 minutes

10 Mountain climbers with hands on the ball (Do these with your hands on the ground if you do not feel stable and safe, or put the ball against something sturdy).
10 Crunches
10 Hamstring curls

Round 4: Bell and Burpee
All exercises are done with a kettlebell or free weight.
Total time: 5 minutes

10 Swings (or squats if you do not know how to do a kettlebell swing)
10 Lunges holding the bell
5 Burpees (no bell on this one)

Now, start all over again with the first set and work for 5 minutes at each round again.

Explanation of exercises

Knee drives on the bench: Start with your right foot on the bench, press into your heel to drive your left knee up, and then put it back down on the floor.  Do 10 on the right, then 10 on the left.

Up-Up-Down-Down: Start in plank on your elbows and toes with elbows on the bosu and toes on the ground.  Put your right palm on the floor under your shoulder, then your left, and push up to both hands. Return back to the starting position on your elbows.

Up and over: Start with one foot on the ball and jump up and over laterally. (If you’re working without a bosu, do a lateral lunge with a hop in the middle.)

Ab twists: Sitting on the ball (or ground) put your feet on the ground, lean back, and twist side to side

Burpees: Hands on the ground, jump your feet back, lower down to the ground, press yourself back up, and jump your feet back in to stand up. Just like an up-down in football.

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Audrey McKenna Hasse is the owner of A.M.Fit, a personal training and healthy consultation business on the Main Line. You’ll find her workouts every Monday right here on Be Well Philly.