The Checkup: Woman Dropped 85 Pounds on ‘Starbucks Diet’

No, I don't think you should try it.

• Looks like Starbucks found its own Jared Fogle. A woman named Christine Hall has been making the morning-show rounds lately, saying she lost 85 pounds in two years eating nearly all her meals at Starbucks, the Huffington Post reports. The 66-year-old Virginia librarian, who now clocks in at a trim 115 pounds, said she ate things like oatmeal and black coffee for breakfast, a panini for lunch, and one of those Bistro Boxes for dinner, which contain items like a chipotle chicken wrap; she says she keeps her calories at 1,000 or less per day. A dietician, of course, says such a diet is none too wise. “I wouldn’t recommend eating there exclusively (or at Taco Bell, Subway, or any single restaurant) as a savvy weight-loss strategy,” she writes. “While Starbucks does have some healthy options, I think it would be difficult to hit the daily goal of five servings of produce, let alone meet all of your nutrient needs, especially on such a limited number of calories.”

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• Treadmill desk, shmedmill desk. Let’s have lunchtime dance parties, instead! (It’s really happening in New York.)